NoCold Equestrian-Wear

Keeps you warm

NoCold Equestrian-Wear

NoCold is the brand name for comfortable, heated clothing. Our specialty is the electric heated clothing for equestrian. After years of sales and use of these temperature-controlled clothing of a non-existent brand we started in 2010 with a new own brand. With the leading manufacturer of this apparel for the motorcycle market, we started a collaboration. With our expertise in the equestrian world and the knowledge of them with electric heated clothing is the quality and ease of use is ensured. If your horse riding or carriage driving, we have the solution for cold days. The people who work in the cold or many hours of lessons are to teach in a cold environment, we can help you with more comfort. For all equestrian we have the right solution!

  • Endurance / Mendurance
  • Eventing
  • Hunting
  • Riding
  • Steer
  • Instructors and Grooms
  • Outside work, eg around the stables or events
  • Etc..

Of course the NoCold products are very useful in other sports and jobs.

  • Parking
  • Traffic controllers
  • Scooter ride
  • Ski
  • Fish
  • Hunt
  • People with symptoms during cold
  • Etc..

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